transformer services and support

ETEL’s service division specialise in assessing, maintaining, repairing and refurbishing all distribution transformers, up to 3MVA.  We have experience in working on a wide range of products, including old or obsolete models from different manufacturers, and are proficient in both field and factory services and repairs.

Our team of transformer specialists will assess your transformer and advise on whether to refurbish or replace it.  An assessment will identify any issues with the integrity of the transformer tank, solid insulation, oil, ancillary components and protection devices.  Any issues of which could contribute to accelerated transformer aging or failure.

We can also provide a service for sustainably disposing of transformers at the end of their life, minimising the effect on the environment.

An assessment undertaken by our team can help your company understand the condition of your transformer fleet and can assist with cost effective optimisation, helping maximise the performance and life expectancy of your assets.



  • Assessment and testing – Factory and Field services
  • Upgrade, repair and refurbishment
  • Oil sampling, analysis and diagnostics
  • Transformer disposal
  • Performed at our purpose built service centres in Auckland and Perth
  • Undertake assessment to assess the integrity of:
      • Transformer tank strength and protective coatings
      • Internal winding insulation
      • Condition of tapswitches, bushings, oil dielectric strength and moisture content, cooling radiators, transformer core, internal earthing, pressure relief valves, thermometers, winding temperature indicators, metering CTs, protective fuses and other internal components, terminal connections to protective monitoring systems
  • Investigation into transformer failures to assist in root cause analysis
  • Perform tests to AS60076, comprising:
      • Ratio of all taps
      • Vector Group verification
      • Insulation Resistance Measurements
      • Separate Source Voltage Withstand Test
      • Double Induced Overvoltage Withstand Test
      • No Load Loss Measurement
      • Load Loss and Impedance Measurements
      • DC Winding Resistance Measurements
      • Partial discharge testing (AKL only)
      • Dielectric loss angle (Tan Delta)
      • Dissolved gas analysis and moisture level of oil
      • Sweep frequency response analysis
  • Our specialist team can undertake assessment and testing services on site, Australasia wide – Australia, Pacific and New Zealand or further afield if required.
  • Portable test kits to perform tests to AS60076, comprising:
      • winding resistance
      • transformer ratio
      • insulation resistance
      • sweep frequency response analysis
      • dielectric loss angle (tan delta)
      • dissolved gas analysis testing


  • Oil condition, moisture content and dissolved gas analysis testing
  • Oil change
  • Oil filtration to remove impurities, hydrocarbon gasses and moisture – can be completed on site or in house
  • Retro-filling transformers with alternate and / or environmentally friendly fluid
  • Scrap oil disposal
  • Performed at our Auckland and Perth Service Centres, with minor works performed at our Melbourne site
  • Full scale refurbishment
  • Leak repairs
  • Fabrication repair and retrofit works on transformer tanks
  • Repainting tanks to specified protective coating system
  • Drying and removing moisture from solid insulation
  • Replacement of damaged parts, including bushings, tap-switch handle, pressure release valve, oil gauge, thermometer, oil drain valve, enclosure panel etc
  • Upgrade or replacement of switchgear fittings
  • Upgrade or replacement of protection devices
  • Transformer oil supply
  • Reuse of components, including stocking a range of obsolete parts no longer available or produced
  • Recycling / scraping of metal parts
  • Removal and recycling of oil using sustainable practices