Cast Resin

For critical infrastructure where reliability is paramount. Cast resin transformers are the ultimate in fire safety.


  • Shopping centres Airports
  • Railways stations
  • Public and civil buildings
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Data centres

Technical Specifications:

  • Cast resin transformers up to 3150kVA and 33kV in Class F or Class H (180) system
    Enclosures from IP00 to IP68
  • Cooling AN up to AF
  • Ambient -25°C to 40°C (other upon request and de-rating above 40°C)
  • E4 – C3 – F1 Environmental / Climatic / Fire Classes (CESI n. C1008122) C5 Climatic Class (OMECO n. SAC/0649/20)
  • Pt100 sensors wired to a terminal block
  • Digital temperature device to monitor temperature in windings
  • Designed, manufactured and tested to IEC60076 part II

ETEL have partnered with TMC Transformers for the supply of customised solutions for cast resin transformers. TMC Transformers manufacture distribution transformers both with standard and reduced losses to get high-efficient dry type transformers. Their products are designed and manufactured to offer long term reliability, minimum maintenance and to respect all relevant standards.


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